EduHack presented at the HELMeTO Seminar

The EduHack approach and the results of the Spanish pilot course were presented by F. Nascimbeni, on behalf of the UNIR team, at the HELMeTO Seminar, inviting universities participating in the event to replicate the project learning experience.

First EduHackathon successfully organised in Spain

The first project EduHackathon was successfully organised in Spain on the 15th of May. The event, which represented the climax of the EduHack blended course organised by UNIR, gathered 22 participants with very different backgrounds who worked on four ideas aimed at transforming their daily teaching. Among the most relevant concepts discussed during the day, which was rich in discussions and hands-on work, gamification and students collaborative knowledge co-creation must be mentioned. The ideas developed during the event will now be further fine-tuned by the learners with the support of the UNIR iTED team, aiming to become current practice in the university teaching practices.

EduHack joins the European Distance Learning Week (EDLW)

The EduHack approach and advances were presented during a webinar focusing on (e)learning innovations organised by EDEN in the frame of the European Distance Learning Week (EDLW). The presentation raised a lot of interest and questions, especially on the way external universities can participate in the EduHack project. Teachers’ capacity development in the field of Digital Literacy, especially when it comes to issues such as identity management or online privacy, seems to be a common concern across universities, in Europe and worldwide. A number of important suggestions were made during the webinar, that will help the EduHack team to focus on the best possible strategy to have an impact within and around its partner universities.

If you missed the webinar, or would like to watch it again, the recording is available here.

eLearning in the age of Social Networks: the EduHack Platform

On October 25th 2018, as part of the initiative Learning on/with the Open Web, it was presented the first prototype of the EduHack Knowledge Sharing Platform, a new social networking platform that provides tools for both the educators and the learners to engage in discussion and online learning with the dynamics and the flow of modern social network websites.

For more information, see: and

EduHack presented at the EDEN 2018 Conference

The latest development were presented at the EDEN 2018 Conference in Genova, focussing on the project effort to “operationalise” the DigCompEdu competencies framework.

The course areas of work were introduced to the audience together with some activities examples.

A number of participants from universities expressed interest in possibly running the EduHack learnign experience in their institutions: this is being followed up and hopefully will bring to interesting collaborations.

EduHack presented in the “Digital Education” seminar in Torino

The EduHack course and its approach were presented by UNIR in the “Digital Education” seminar organised by the University of Torino on the 12 and 13 of April in Torino. Participants’ reactions were very positive, appreciating especially the open and modular nature of the course. Contacts were made with universities wishing to adopt the course.