This page contains short member introductions and collaboration testimonials from our growing EduHack Network, who represent universities and other organisations that are committed to use the EduHack Online Course and toolbox to run courses and/or EduHackathons for academics or teachers. If you would like to become a member, please fill in this application form.

EduHack Network Members

The University of Latvia (LU) is a state-run university located in Riga, Latvia, and it was established in 1919. The University of Latvia offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels of study and more than 14,000 students, including PhD and exchange students. The university consists of 13 faculties.

The Centro Educazione Media (CEM) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2007, and its members are professionals working in different educational sectors: psychologists, digital learning experts, teacher trainers and communication experts. Furthermore, CEM collaborates closely with the Department of Psychology of the University of Pavia in Italy.

A group of digital education experts of CEM is working on the development of an education platform to support the teaching and learning process for children and teenagers who experience an extended stay in a hospital or are taught at home because they are unable to attend classes at school.

EduHack Network Member Testimonials

Technology has become the key to a new world of education. Online learning/e-learning has become one of the most popular ways of gaining access to an education and UL is keen to improve its studies in this regard.

Anda PaegleUniversity of Latvia (UL)

The training proposal of the Eduhack platform, especially the didactic paths of the sections Digital Resources, Teaching and Empowering Learners, meet the same educations goals that CEM wants to promote thanks to the Hospital School platform. The integration of the teacher training program of Eduhack into the CEM platform would offer to the Hospital School teachers in Italy the possibility to train themselves in a professional environment, which is continuously being updated and is academically acknowledged by experts of the digital teaching and learning sector.

Alexandra BerndtCentro Educazione ai Media (CEM)