EduHack will encourage learners to use the Open Web and both reuse and produce Open Educational Resources (OER)


EduHack participants will engage in collaborative activities, share peer-feedback and interact with others within and beyond the EduHack community of practice


EduHack is primarily based on a number of practical activities aiming to help participants rethink teaching and learning through digital practices

Tools for Educators

to gain Digital Competence

Online Course

The EduHack online course is specifically designed for university educators who wish to learn how to produce digitally-supported learning experiences and to experiment with innovative models and approaches to teaching and learning.


During our EduHackathons, educators will collaboratively create prototype courses and digital resources. By teaming teachers up with e-learning experts, we will allow for trans-disciplinary creation of digital learning experiences.

Expected Impact


competences covered by the EduHack programme


teachers trained through EduHack Online Course


new digitally-supported learning experiences


participants benefiting from the results


current EduHack countries in a growing network


options to change the way you teach

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